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Business in Jokkmokk

The Jokkmokk Municipality covers 19,477 km² with a population of circa 5,300. 
There are less than 0.3 inhabitants per km ². Half of the district is a vast mountain region which offers fantastic wilderness adventures.  Four national parks and several nature reserves can be found within the area.  The national parks are called Sarek, Padjelanta, Stora Sjöfallet and Muddus and are all included within the Laponia region, which in December 1996 was named a world heritage site by UNESCO.  Laponia became a world heritage site based on a combination of both its nature and cultural heritage, which is unusual as most are chosen for just one of these qualities. 

Jokkmokk Municipality, Vattenfall AB, the Federation of Jokkmokk and Sparbanken Nords Enterprise Foundation own and operate the business enterprise organisation Strukturum in Jokkmokk AB.   Strukturum was created to be at the forefront of the local business community, provide expertise in key areas and help strengthen the economic situation in the region. Jokkmokks Municipality provides Strukturum with a full mandate to operate and develop this business enterprise support work. 

Jokkmokks Municipality has a diverse economy which includes tourism, small and
medium sized companies, service industries and the Sami culture and associated businesses. The wide range of industries in operation, provide a sound base for the future development of the Municipality.  The Adventure Tourism Industry, Sami Culture, innovative ideas and the 'Extreme Weather Testing' businesses are important to the Municipality and will be treated as priorities with good prospects for further development. 

The private sector is growing at an impressive pace in the Municipality and in relation to the population the number of small to medium sized businesses is high.  There are nearly 400 registered companies in the Municipality and several of them
export their products with great success.  You will find modern commercial remises, fast and secure communication systems and many business courses at your disposal here in Jokkmokk. 

Are you thinking of starting your own business and need someone to bounce your ideas off?   If so, we would like to invite you to visit our office and give us the opportunity to let you know how we can help you with your business. 

Strukturum is the natural gateway and meeting place for developing enterprise and continuous business growth. 

You are always welcome to contact Strukturum to discuss any matter that is important to you for the development of your business. 

Strukturum offers help with ... 

• business plans and budget estimates 
• finding the right contacts in local authorities & government regarding new projects 
• applications for assistance with funding and finance. 
• introduction and continued contact with financiers 
• coaching and mentoring support 
• assistance with local issues 
• organising company specific training 
• supporting business expansion with market analysis and help with export issues 
• starting a business as a resident foreign national 

We ... 

• can also organise meeting places for new and existing entrepreneurs and other interested parties 
• act as a sounding board in all business matters 

We look forward to hearing from you!



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